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CLASS 5: Events in Scrum (1 of 2)

CLASS 3: Events in Scrum (1 of 2)Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily, Review and Retrospective: events in Scrum are where the product is “cooked”!We have already seen what events are. But in this class we will get into the detail of each Scrum eventWe start with the first event, the heart of Scrum: the Sprint. Let’s …

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CLASS 7: Artefacts I

CLASS 5: Artefacts IWhat do we want to do with the product? Where do we put “our wish list” for the product? We’ll look at all that in this classThe artefacts represent the work, the value of the product and…They are “transparency” in its purest form!Because they allow everyone to see what you want to …

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CLASS 8: Artefacts II

CLASS 6: Artefacts IIWhat are we going to build in a Sprint and how are we going to build it? What is the outcome of that work?We have already seen that the Product Backlog represents what we want to do in the ProductWhere do we show what work we will do in the Sprint and …

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CLASS 9: Artefacts III + Nexus

CLASS 7: Artefacts III + NexusWe’re now going to see in detail what the Increment and the Definition of Done are and some concepts of how to work in Scrum with large teams of more than 10 peopleLet’s start by looking in detail at what an Increment isA lot of people are confused about what …

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CLASS 2: Responsibilities in Scrum I

CLASS 2: Responsibilities in Scrum Now let’s dive into the detail of who does what in the Scrum TeamOne of the most time-consuming topics that appears in the exam……is when you are asked a situational question about “who is responsible?”Let’s get started with the responsibilities of the Scrum TeamThe Scrum Team, which is the core …

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CLASS 4: Responsibilities in Scrum III

CLASS 2 Responsibilities in ScrumIt’s time to look in detail at the responsibilities of the DevelopersNow we’re going to take a look at the last group of responsibilities in Scrum:The DevelopersMany people get confused between the responsibilities of the Developers, the Scrum Team and the Product OwnerSo in the video we’ll focus upon the Developers, …

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