15 minutes per class 

15 classes

available on your mobile, tablet or desktop


If these don’t convince you, then you don’t need to read more!


Classes of maximum 15 minutes duration, available to watch whenever you want on your mobile, tablet or PC


Either you pass the exam on your first attempt or we'll refund the cost of the exam. No small print.


Our pricing is much lower than official scrumorg training


In a few words:

  • Course of 15 online classes

    The ones you need. Not a single filler lesson. Notes, exam questions and revision classes included.

  • 15 minutes per class

    Each lesson in micro-learning format of 15 minutes maximum duration. Why take 1 hour to learn something if you can do it in 15 minutes?

  • Price adjusted, but not quality

    This is not a blogger course produced at home with a mobile phone. We have adjusted the price as much as possible to make it accessible for all but the quality is 1st class

  • We guarantee you will pass, first time

    If you want to take the Scrum Master exam, we guarantee your pass. Our students score +92% on average on the Scrum Master exam and 99% pass on the first attempt

  • And if you don’t pass first time?

    We'll refund the cost of the exam. No tricks, no small print. When we say you'll pass the exam, it's because you WILL pass it.

Course description

We cover everything you need to be a powerful Scrum Master. So confident are we that you’ll be able to earn’s PSM I certification, the toughest and most recognised in the world. It only takes 15 minutes a day and a total of 15 classes. Tried and tested. 

You won’t have to take notes. We give you everything you need. Seriously: with just this course material you will be able to pass the exam without any problem.

Key points covered:

  • Responsabilities, events, artefacts and rules
  • +250 questions of exam like difficulty
  • Notes and hot-topics with summary of the courseAll of our courses have been pre-tested and validated to ensure that the course you choose works.

Course Structure:

  • Key notes
  • Empiricism, Lean Thinking and Scrum Values
  • Responsabilities en Scrum I
  • Responsabilities en Scrum II
  • Responsabilities en Scrum III
  • Events in Scrum I
  • Events in Scrum II
  • Test #1
  • Artefacts I
  • Artefacts II
  • Artefacts III + Nexus
  • Bonus Class: Reviewing Responsabilities
  • Bonus Class: Reviewing the Theory
  • Test #2
  • Test #3
  • Facilitating, coaching and mentoring
  • Self Managed Teams and Leadership Styles
  • Forecasting & Release Planning
  • Product Value
  • Business Strategy, Stakeholders & Customers
  • Emergent Development
  • Test #4
  • Managing techinical risks, optimising flow and continuous quality
  • Organisational cultural design, portfolio planning and Evidence-Based Management (EBM)
  • Bonus Class: Reviewing the course
  • PSM I exam simulation #1
  • PSM I exam simulation #2


Take a look at the most common doubts about the exam

How much time do I have to take the exam?

Once you buy the rights to the exam, it doesn’t expire. You could take it in a few years time if you wanted to!

Do I have to renew the certification, take a pre-course or something similar?

Absolutely not. To take the exam all you need to do is pay for it. There are no other requirements. You pay for the exam and you have one opportunity to pass it in exchange. If you pass, perfect. If not… then you have to pay for another attempt.

How long does the exam take?

The exam is 60 minutes and 80 questions. At the end of the given time, the result of the exam will be sent to your email address

Is there anyone "watching" while I take the exam? Via webcam for example?

Absolutely not. You can have all the notes you want to hand. Nobody is watching you


What's the exam like?

  • The exam is 80 questions, 60 minutes, multiple-choice questions
  • You need 85% to pass
  • When the time is up, you’re sent an email with the result.
  • You can do it whenever you want
  • It is 100% online


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Everyday more individuals and companies place their trust in theUncoding.

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Pass rate

99% of our students pass the exams at the first attempt

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Average exam result

The average exam results for our theUncoding students in the exams is 93%


online - 15 minutes a day - money back guarantee

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