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LESSON 0: Introduction to Scrum
What is Scrum? Why is it so widespread and how is it different from traditional project management? We look at that in this class
Before we dive into Scrum, it is important to know when it is most effective to use Scrum
Because Scrum hasn't always been used in product development
Traditional or waterfall management has been the most common methodology in the 20th century
In the next video we explain the fundamental differences between traditional project management and Scrum. By the way, you have the option to make the video "full screen". Once you have watched it, continue to advance in the class
In other words, waterfall project management works well, for example, when building houses
But it works tremendously badly when, for example, building a mobile phone
Now lets see see in a nutshell what Scrum is
There will be a lot of new terms that you may not know, but don't worry
Because we are going to look at them in detail throughout the course
For now, focus on the general idea that we'll show you in the video. After watching the video, continue with the class
In summary, 3 key points to keep in mind for the exam:
1. Scrum is used in complex environments (with a lot of uncertainty)
2. Scrum is wide spread and not only in the technological world, but also in education, marketing, business development...
3. You have already seen that the basics of Scrum can be learnt quickly, but it is tremendously difficult to master in practice!
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