About us

At theUncoding it is our mission to make high quality training accessible to all. That is our vision.

Our story

Have you ever considered how difficult it is to learn clearly about Agile and how much Agile is currently talked about? You have to read a lot of books on the subject, read blogs, take courses (not exactly cheap), learn new terms… A lot of money, effort and no guarantee that you will achieve what you set out to do.

That’s also happened to us and that is why we created theUncoding.

In theUncoding we strive to make difficult concepts easy to understand, to teach about Agile with the commitment that you spend the right amount of time with high quality courses that are DEMONSTRATED to fulfil your objectives .

And all that at an affordable price.

Who are we?

The company founders are Dwight and Carlos. We have more than 30 years combined in top companies worldwide, leading projects of high value and impact. We want to put all that value at your service.

Dwight Lindstrom

Expert in Lean, Sigma-6, Kanban, Scrum & Professional Agile Leadership

Carlos López

More than 10 years leading projects in multinationals, training and implementing Scrum as Scrum Master

Our clients

Our clients work in KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Randstad, CapGemini, Inditex toname but a few. Here’s some examples of what they think about theUncoding.

I wanted to achieve the Scrum Master certification but it seemed complicated to have to read books and study the syllabus, taking into account my work, family, etc. I did the course with theUncoding and I passed on the first try and with minimum effort. I recommend it without a doubt.
I am an analyst and developer. I wasn't planning to take the Scrum Master certification, but it was recommended to me and because of the price I gave it a try. I got 92.5% in the exam, so now I have a broader profile than I had before.
Francisco Gallego
Everis - Murcia (Spain)
Getting the Scrum Master certification from scrum.org was one of the "must do's" I had for a long time. I found out about theUncoding course and did it because of the low price. I got 96% in the certification. The course is very light and easy to take.
I take quite a few Agile related courses and I decided to take this course because I liked the free class it offered - I didn't even have to worry about the difficulty of the exam! I got 93% on the exam. I highly recommend the course.
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